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Providing top talent when you need it

Unique solutions for finding top software engineers with the right qualifications, experience, and expertise to fit your financial and business goals.

CoderTalent helps startups and SMEs to find the talent they need to make their projects a success.

The company was founded in March 2020 by Waigwa Gatamu, who had previously spent a decade in software development. Over his career, Waigwa has worked in many industries, including eCommerce and cybersecurity.

His past clients range from budding tech startups to blue chip companies like Unilever and Nationwide Bank.

Throughout the years, he noticed a recurring issue: long and expensive hiring processes that led to holes in the budget and delays to the projects. He believed there was a better way forward, and that gave birth to CoderTalent — the future of talent sourcing.

We streamline
the entire process

Find the right software engineers for your large and small projects is one of the most essential steps for the success of your business. But the process of finding this talent, from advertising to interviewing and hiring, takes time, money, and expertise that you might not have. That’s where we come in.

We’re connected to the top software engineers in the business and only hire software engineers with an average of 8 years of experience. Connecting our engineers with the right projects is what we do best, so that you can get on with what you do best.

We match software engineers to your projects based not only on their technical qualifications and experience. We also look at how their soft skills match with the project, your workforce, and your company culture. This means we can supply amazing engineers who get the job done and become valued members of your team.

The only way to hire

We want to make sure that we provide the right software engineers for every project. That’s why we have an intensive, multi-step process for onboarding new developers.

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This process helps us understand our engineers’ technical knowledge, their personality, and their work ethic. Once we understand all that, we can match the right candidates to your projects.

Our Process


Personality Test

We aren’t just interested in the work our software engineers can do. We also want to know about their work ethic and how they fit into teams. This helps us get our matches right, every time.

Soft Skills Interview

Next, our engineers must pass an interview that tests essential soft skills. These skills are essential in business, but often overlooked when it comes to the tech industry.

Complex Technical Live Coding

Of course, we don’t just take degrees and qualifications at face value. All our engineers must demonstrate what they know in real time, so we know they can do the job right.

Verification Of Work

At this stage, we verify candidates’ work to ensure that everything is aboveboard and meets our high standards.


And once our candidates have passed every level, then and only then can they apply to work with our top-quality teams.

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