Government Campus Online – Case Study

The Government Skills and Curriculum Unit (GSCU) is leading a programme of work to develop an online service known as “Campus Online”, a central tenet of this product is the ability for civil servants to access training programs provided by GSCU.

In just 8 weeks, CoderTalent delivered a full working Campus Online website that enabled users to search for courses successfully.

Campus Online

Project Description

The CoderTalent team were tasked to build an Online Curriculum website service in an 8 week deadline. The “Campus Online” website shows courses that are primary categorised into 5 strands which contain sub categories to assist users with finding the course they need.

We worked closely with the internal UX team and every component we built in ReactJS had to follow the GOV.UK Design System, we made sure the project followed the best practices in accessibility, performance and SEO.

Tech Stack Used

The tech stack CoderTalent used to build Campus Online included the following:

  • Azure devOps CI/CD pipeline for deployment
  • ReactJS/React Hooks as the main JavaScript library and applying ES6 standards
  • Foundation CSS as main UI framework
  • GitFlow branching strategy